Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vegan Chimichurri Burrito

     Made these today at work. These ROCK!!!!  Be sure to allow the collard leafs to soak for at least 48 hours. 

6      Collard green leafs, large unbroken
1C    Lemon Juice
1C   Brown rice vinegar

1C   Green beans, steamed
1/2C Parsley
5ea   Garlic cloves
5T    Nutritional yeast
1T    Chili flakes
1/2T  Cumin
1/2C Cilantro
1/2C Brown rice vinegar

1.5C Quinoa, cooked
1.5C Cabbage

     First off, grab the best collard green leafs that are undamaged and place them in a deep container and add the lemon juice and vinegar.  Allow to soak refridgerated for at least 48 hours.  This will allow them to soften up a bit and completely get rid of the bitter taste.  After 48 hours or so passes and you are ready to prepare the burritos, add the next 8 ingredients in a food processer and blend until smooth.  Add more or less vinegar to keep it just a little loose but not too loose.   Once blended, place the mixture in a bowl and add the quinoa.  Add enough quinoa to make this not too runny but more playable, Thick enough to spread like putty.

Assembly - Pull one collard leaf  out of the liquid. place on cutting board or table inside( dull side) facing up. Using the back of a chefs knife  gently bang the thick stem without hitting the leaf. Hammer it appx 2 inches up to allow it to bend without snapping.  Next take a handfull of the quinoa mixture and place it on the bottom where you just smashed the stem almost all the way vertical to the edge but leave some room on edges and bottom. (appx 1/2in space to the edge)  place a nice mound of cabbage on top of the mixture.

OK, in one motion you will roll from the bottom with your thumbs and once it folds over, tuck the sides in. then continue rolling to the end.  To make it stay closed at the end, just put a dab of quinoa mix across the top to act as glue when it flaps over. Place on the plate with the seam facing down.

After the first one you will get the hang of it.  Its actually quite simple the rolling motion.  All this writing and instruction make it seem hard....but it isnt :)


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