Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cucumber Salad Roll Ups

Made these for dinner tonite and was very satisfied. Very simple, very tasty and made with some stuff laying around in the fridge. Try it you will like it!

Cucumber salad:

1    Cucumber, diced
10  Grape tomatoes, chopped
1    Garlic clove minced
2T  Red onion, minced
5T  Raspberry blush vinegar

Remaining components:

2    Large whole wheat pitas
3T  Hummus
20  Snow peas, whole
1T  Grain mustard, no salt added

     Mix the ingredients of the cucumber salad and refridgerate for at least 30 min.  Smear the hummus on the wraps and top with snow peas and mustard.  Scoop the cucumber salad on top and roll up!
Simple and fast.  ENJOY!!!

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