Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bean and cabbage tacos

These super tasty soft tacos are super healthy! For the taco I use Food For Life Sprouted Corn Tortillas. these only have 10mg of sodium and 23g carbs per 2 soft taco shells.  They have a great corn flavor and are very easy to work with.

2C Red Cabbage shredded
1C Black beans cooked, unsalted
1t Cumin
1/2t Red pepper flakes
1/4C Green cabbage shredded
1/4C Carrot shredded
1/2T Nutritional yeast
1/4C unsalted sunflower seeds
Fresh Lime

In a large DRY, HOT pan add the red cabbage.  Cook on high for 5 min. or until wilted and slightly browned. Add beans, cumin, red pepper,sunflower seeds, nutritional yeast and 1/4 Cup of water. Cook on high for 5 more min stirring constantly.  Add more water if needed to keep moist. Remove from heat and put desired amount in pre-heated soft taco shells( i use microwave to heat and soften).  Top with green cabbage and carrot and squeeze lime over top. ENJOY!!!

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