Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nutty Citrus UN-Soy Dressing

     I have had several requests to share some of my salad dressing recipes that I use on my salads. I do not have a picture to accompany this recipe.  I will try to get pics of the others as I post them. 
This first dressing is a play on a soy nut orange dressing. Coconut Secret brand Coconut aminos is  great tasting and much healthier for you than soy sauce and even low salt or reduced sodium tamari's.  Did I mention its really tasty too?

Nutty Citrus UN-Soy Dressing

2 Oz Coconut Secret brand Coconut aminos
2 Large oranges, squeezed or juiced
2T Almond butter, raw, unsalted

Mix it all together by fork or mixer.  I use a fork personally and the almond butter does not mix well at first.  It takes about 30 seconds for it to fully incorperate and get creamy. This is really good over thinly sliced kale or any vegetable salad.  ENJOY!

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