Monday, April 25, 2011

Mustard Garlic Veggie Matzoh Flatbread

     Passover is just about over but wanted to add this tasty dinner I had the other day.  After cooking the mixture and placing it on the matzoh let it sit for 5 min and it will soften the matzoh up enough that it will not crumble when bitten into.  The mustard flavor and fresh garlic combined with the nutty flavor of the yeast make this a easy eat anytime of the year meal.

1C   Kale, thin slice
1C   Cabbage, shredded
3T   Garlic, thin slice
3T   Mustard (no salt added, any type)
4T   Nutritional yeast
4T   Water
1/4C Sunflower seeds, raw unsalted
2T   Chia seeds
Matzoh or any flatbread, bread, roll ect...

   Add first 3 ingredients into a DRY VERY HOT pan.  Add the water.  Cook 5-8 min until somewhat tender.  Add the mustard, yeast and sunflower seeds. Toss until all is incorperated and hot.  Spoon mixture over matzoh and ENJOY!!

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